7 Suggestions to Pass the Time on Your Computer


If you have some time to kill and have no idea what to do, why not try to spend that time on your computer?

There are multiple ways to enjoy yourself or do something productive. You are free to choose depending on your mood. And of course, it is recommended that you have an internet connection active because a computer without one is not really the same, particularly when we are talking about entertainment options.

7 Suggestions to Pass the Time on Your Computer
7 Suggestions to Pass the Time on Your Computer

Video Games

When we are talking about pastimes on a computer, video games are often the first thing that comes to mind.

These days, there are so many different genres, and the gaming industry continues to grow at an exponential rate. 

Those who have not been playing video games in recent years will find the number of possible choices quite overwhelming.

It is usually recommended to stick to recent releases, but if you are feeling like trying something older, then go for it. Perhaps there is a video game you liked in the past and would like to revisit?

Also, do not be put off by the fact that video games cost money. If you are a casual person who does not wish to invest money, you can stick to free-to-play games.

YouTube and Twitch TV

Sitting back and relaxing is a good way to pass the time if you want something light. If that is the case, why not go on a video spree on YouTube? The platform has so much different content that even picky people have a fair share of options to choose from.

If you are looking for something more interactive, you could check out Twitch TV. Even though most content creators are playing video games, you can find other types of channels if you are not really into video games. And live streams let you talk to other viewers and the streamer, which adds to the whole experience.

Movies and TV Shows

Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and other streaming platforms offer you movies and TV shows on demand. You do not have to worry about downloading media on your computer. Instead, click a few times, and you can watch the content on your internet browser or by downloading a dedicated streaming platform application.

One of the downsides is that you have to pay fees to access content on these streaming platforms. However, when you consider how many great movies and TV shows there are and how convenient it is to consume media on streaming services, the price is well worth it.


Listening to music is another pastime that is somewhat underrated. Sometimes, the best way to enjoy your time is to sit down, put on some music, and relax.

As a computer owner, you have multiple ways to access music. For the most part, though, people usually stick to YouTube and streaming platforms like Spotify. 

Device Optimization

If you rely on a computer a lot and notice that the device feels sluggish, the odds of the problem disappearing by itself are basically zero.

Performance issues are common, especially when the computer is old. So, to make good use of your free time, you might want to work a bit on improving the device’s performance.

There are multiple ways to approach the issue, but focusing on the dust inside should be one of the priorities. Next, you should free up disk storage and confirm that the operating system is up to date.

In case you are looking for more ideas on how to make your computer perform better, check this link.


There might be days when you are craving contact with other people. Naturally, these feelings are quite common these days for some, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic when restrictions prevent you from socializing with people in person.

Having a computer lets you talk to people you know quite easily. You could also make new friends on social media or communication platforms, such as Discord. 


An interest in a specific subject can be nurtured thanks to all the available blogs and publications. In general, reading is a popular activity among computer owners.

Sure, for many, it is the news sites that cover the latest events around the world or locally. At the same time, you do not have to limit yourself to just news.

Big publications like The Atlantic cover various topics. And if you want to go into more niche subjects, there should be more than enough blogs about the topics. Simply enter keywords in Google, and you will be presented with the available options.


All in all, a computer provides plenty of opportunities to pass the time. Be it entertainment or something more productive, like learning new things, you should not have problems getting bored when you can access a computer and an internet connection. 


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