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AA car insurance is a way of getting your vehicle, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and other road vehicles protected. AA car insurance provides financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury that can result from your car having traffic collisions or against liability that could arise from incidents in a vehicle.

Therefore, it gets you covered on any form of car insurance you are looking for in protecting your cars from damage or stolen.

AA Car Insurance
AA Car Insurance

AA Car Insurance

AA car insurance is known for its quality insurance services globally and offers two types of car insurance, comprehensive or third party, fire and theft are car insurance you get from AA insurance.

AA car insurance provides excellent benefit thou buying car insurance can be a daunting task at times but you don’t need to get worried about that as AA car insurance give service to the uninsured driver to promise to their customers.

AA offers the courtesy car as a standard to their customers or members who buy comprehensive car insurance with them even when your car is repairable, written off, or stolen from you. AA new insurance customers can get our award-winning breakdown cover.

Benefits of AA Car Insurance

Service for old cover applies when your car is written off or stolen. The car must be less than 13 months old from the date of your first registration, and you must be the first and only registered keeper.

AA car insurance gives their new customers when they purchase roadside assistance with their AA car insurance. This offer is for vehicle cover, that is your car is covered by whoever is driving.

AA car insurance gives their customers personal cover at a discount rate which is a cover for you as a driver or passenger in any vehicle. Roadside assistance breakdown cover will be automatically renewed unless customers or members ask us not to.

Getting a Quote

An insurance quote is an act of getting your car insured against damage or stolen.  You can get your quote online but you have to be a member or confirmed you are a member before the service can be rendered to you.

For you to benefit from this offer you need to have registered as a member and being a member gives you a discount when you insure your car for the first time and when you automatically renew it.

These few steps will teach you how you can get your quote with us. There are four steps for the registration and are as follows; the car, driver details, your quote, and payment.

Each category has to be filled correctly and members are advised to read carefully before filling them because any wrong information given can cancel your policy, your claim can be rejected or you may not get paid if you refuse to fill all the appropriate stages. Follow this guide to register your quote,

  • On your web browser enter www.theaa.com.
  • Under the menu option, click get a quote and you be redirected to another page.
  • On the page, there are four categories, the car, driver details, your quote, payment, and done.
  • Your registration started from registering your car as follows
  • Registration number?
  • Worth of your car?
  • How many seats did it have?
  • Is it a right-hand drive?
  • Have you modified the car before?
  • Does the car have a security device?
  • The number of miles expected?
  • Date of purchase?
  • The owner of the car?
  • Who is the car registered keeper?
  • What are using the car for?
  • Where do you keep the car?
  • Is the car kept in your vicinity?
  • Do you have another vehicle you are using?

After completing the first phase of the registration you click next to take you to the other phases that needed to be registered at the end of completion just click done.

Retrieving a Quote

Retrieving your quote is a way of regaining access to the insurance policy you have when the already period on schedule got expired and you want to give it an extension. In doing so you just have to go through a process of another registration to renew.

A few details are all is requested of you to get your quote retrieved for you with ease and convenience. You can get retrieved online with the following step;

  • On your web browser enter theaa.com.
  • Under the menu option, click retrieve a quote.
  • On the next page, you just need to fill out the form.
  • Enter your surname.
  • Your postcode.
  • Date of birth.
  • Your quote references.

That’s it.

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