Afk Arena Codes – Free Redemption Codes and How to Redeem

“Afk Arena Codes” are you a fan of Afk arena and you are wondering where to get free codes? If YES, then this is the right article for you. Afk arena was previously released back in 2019 and has since grown to become a fan’s favorite.

This game is so popular in the gaming industry because of its continuous fan art and good content updates. It is a free-to-play RPG game but it also has its own system of monetization.

Afk Arena Codes
Afk Arena Codes

If you’ve been playing Afk arena for quite some time, you would realize that you need a handful of in-game currencies to speed up the process.

Afk Arena Codes

Afk arena was developed by Lilith Games and currently, there are codes to get free gold, diamonds, faction scrolls, soul stones, heroes, and tons of other stuff.

One thing you should know is that these codes don’t last forever. They are constantly updated. Most of them become inactive after a few weeks. This is why I urge you to redeem these codes as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for where to get these codes for free, I would be sharing how I find these codes later on in this article. Without further ado, here is a list of the current Afk arena codes.

  • WFMH5N68WT – Earn 200 Diamonds and 200,000 Gold.
  • g594b6vpjk – Earn 6000 Hero Coins, 6000 Labyrinth Tokens, 6000 Guild Coins, and 10 Common Scrolls.
  • dqy4aq3pyw – Earn 888 Hero Coins, 888 Diamonds, 888 Labyrinth Tokens, and 30 Common Hero Scrolls.
  • 101nc107h – Earn 100 Diamonds and 100,000 Gold.
  • 311j4hw00d – Earn 100,000 Gold and 100 Diamonds.
  • afk888 – Earn 300 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold, and 100 Hero’s Essence.
  • Badlijey666 – Earn 100 Diamonds and 100,000 Gold.
  • Ch3atc0de – Earn 100,000 Gold and 100 Diamonds.
  • d14m0nd5 – Earn 100,000 Gold and 100 Diamonds.
  • misevj66yi – Earn 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, and five Common Hero Scrolls.
  • uf4shqjngq – Earn 30 Common Hero Scrolls.
  • xmasl00t – Earn 100,000 Gold and 100 Diamonds.

As of now, these are the only active codes.

Expired Afk Arena Codes

If you are interested in some of the expired Afk arena codes, here is a list of the expired codes.

  • wf7wcxr4nz
  • badlijey666
  • d14m0nd5
  • xmasl00t
  • ch3atc0de
  • g594b6vpjk
  • 311j4hw00d
  • Xiaban886
  • dwn8ekefbd
  • dqy4aq3pyw
  • PrinceOfPersia
  • ayqcttc36x
  • aaz27uvgfi
  • bprc9kun5i
  • am2fc6hqmj
  • 8vws9uf6f5
  • 9qgzux8k82
  • persona5
  • 9biwud4xrt
  • happy2021
  • 85de5ar9ts
  • 8e27shfk6b
  • afkelijah
  • bestrpg4busyu
  • afkmarkiplier
  • overlord666
  • 7k8n2s9bnx
  • 7r3bbdqth2
  • 76SHWCV6E4
  • 6u226crhtp
  • invincible
  • 576W235SUW
  • 57KH69FHZR
  • 4rytg4u2q6
  • LIUYAN888
  • LIUYAN118
  • LIUYAN233
  • 3BAEE6V3V7
  • 2GQ55JII87
  • 2N7GEK6RTC
  • 2NZZY8Y67V
  • 25PG5GNPCF
  • 26DNUIW8S4
  • ck4kjutz6k

That’s the list of Afk arena expired codes.

How to Redeem Afk Arena Codes

Now that you know a list of some active codes, you must be wondering how to redeem it. Follow the steps below to redeem Afk arena codes.

  • First of all, open any web browser of your choice.
  • When the web browser opens, go to the developer’s website by following this link.
  • Next, enter your game UID. Your game UID can be found in-game by tapping the profile icon at the top left of the screen on the game’s homepage.
  • After entering your game UID, enter your verification code in the next text field. Your verification code can be found by tapping the profile icon in-game > Settings > Verification Code.
  • After entering your UID and verification code, click the “Log In” button.
  • After logging in, go back to this page.
  • You should now see a text field saying “Enter Gift Code”. Simply enter your gift code there and click the “Redeem” button.

After that, your rewards should be received through your inbox in-game.

Where to Get More Afk Arena Codes

If you redeemed all the current active codes and you are still searching for more, you can find more codes by following the game on social media.

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