Alchemy Stars All Tier List and Reroll Guide Free


Alchemy stars tier list: Looking for the best heroes to dominate the game of alchemy stars? Then you are just where you want to be. Alchemy stars is one of those mobile strategy games with a huge roaster.

With tons and tons of heroes to pick from, it can be quite difficult to get the lineup you want. With each character on the roaster possessing a unique set of personalities and skills, it daunts your team selection.

Alchemy Stars Tier List
Alchemy Stars Tier List

For instance, your favorite heroes may not be the right hero to take into a boss fight as you would just end up losing if that should be the case. Since it is a game of strategy, alternating between heroes or strategizing can be a helpful tool.

Alchemy Stars Tier List

In this article, I would be helping you pick the best heroes for Alchemy stars by showing you the alchemy stars tier list. The common problem most people face when they first start a strategy game is knowing which heroes to develop and focus on.

This is why most people tend to start the game again after playing for a bit. I think everyone just needs that first experience. Well, I am going to save you the stress of playing the game halfway and delete it to start over again just to have the best heroes.

As you may already know, the alchemy stars’ characters are divided into different alliances as well as tiers. To save you the stress of sorting out the hero’s alliance and then tier, I would list all the alchemy stars characters by alliance and tier list.

Alchemy Stars Fire Alliance Characters

  • Tier S: Charon, Eicy, Frostfire, Jona, Sinsa, Smokey, Uriel, Victoria.
  • Tier A: Alice, Barbara, Istvan, Maggie.
  • Tier B: Benny & Curo, Brock, Chandra, Faust, Leona, Nails, Patty & Patsy, Regina.
  • Tier C: Chainsaw Rick, Joanie, Joanie Boom, Pepi, Taki, Tiny One.
  • Tier D: Sork & Beck.

Alchemy Stars Forest Alliance Characters

  • Tier S: Beryl, Gabriel, Hiiro, Migard.
  • Tier A: Areia, Cuscata, Dawn, Louise, Nikinis, Odi, Pact, Pasolo, Robyn, Sikare.
  • Tier B: Jola, Jomu, Lester, Ophina, Sylva, Uriah, Wendy.
  • Tier C: Dove.
  • Tier D: Clover, Leah.

Alchemy Stars Thunder Alliance Characters

  • Tier S: Eve, Gronru, Irridon, Michael, Wrath.
  • Tier A: Beverly, Bonacie, Dayna, Mia, Nemesis, Schwartz, Vivian.
  • Tier B: Ansia, Kafka, Keating, Lilliam, Nadine, Rabbie, Tessa.
  • Tier C: Eho, Unimet.
  • Tier D: Amy, Angel.

Alchemy Stars Water Alliance Characters

  • Tier S: Bethlehem, Carleen, Fleur, Raphael, Sharona.
  • Tier A: Barton, Connolly, Hydrad, Kleken, Noah, Philyshy, Sariel, Vice.
  • Tier B: Chloe, Constantine, Corax, Jane, Kuma & Pengy, Michenny, Ms. Blanc.
  • Tier C: Korgon, Seleucid.
  • Tier D: White Dwarf, Zoya.

How to Reroll Alchemy Stars

If you don’t already know, performing a reroll is simply repeating the start-up process of alchemy stars to make sure you get the characters you want. Let’s say you started the game and after performing the first free rolls, you didn’t get the characters you want, this is where a reroll comes in.

Follow the steps below to perform a reroll on alchemy stars;

  • First, make sure the game is downloaded on your device. It can be downloaded from the google play store or iOS app store.
  • After downloading the game, launch it.
  • After launching, complete the start-up tutorial and you would be able to roll for characters after level 1–4.
  • After making your roll, if you get your desired characters then fine. If you didn’t, then proceed.
  • Return to the start screen of alchemy stars and click the “Logout” button. While this may ask you to download all your data again, you can also go into the app settings of your device and clear all alchemy stars data. I don’t recommend it, what I personally recommend is logging out inside the game.
  • Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 until you get the characters you want. Note that you would have to use a new email address, Facebook account, or Twitter account each time you reroll.

That’s it. You’ve successfully rerolled on alchemy stars.


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