AOL Games – How To Play Games on Free

AOL games community is a product from AOL itself that allows you to chat while you play your favorite games. This is a really good subsidiary of AOL itself and it allows its users to have a ton of fun playing games.

Games on offers a large selection of free online games, including board games, card games, casino games, puzzles, and more. Follow the steps outlined to experience full-screen gameplay, chat with other players and share your favorite games with friends and family.

AOL Games
AOL Games

AOL Games

The AOL mail is a free email service from AOL firm, which you can use to create an email account online address book with storage that contains 250 GB. Including an integrated task calendar, AOL mail also has a number of handy features (that you connect other users) as an automatic redirection of phishing emails and spam emails to your trash.

The American online service is an American company that was first invented in 1983 and was known as control video corporation (CVC) by William von Meister. And it was designed for downloading Atari gaming consoles content.

AOL Games Online

There are hundreds of free online games on Games on You can access them by visiting You don’t need to pay to play them but you are required to make an account there. You can do much more as you can provide feedback and share the games with Facebook or Twitter handles.

Play AOL Games Online

Once you have signed in to the AOL games account, you need to sort the games you wish to play by choosing the category on the menu and then selecting the games from the board such as board games, card games, casino games, puzzles, and more. Once you have selected the game to play just tap and start playing.

Chat With Players

With AOL games you can play a game and chat with your friends online at the same time. While playing a game, you will see a chat window popping up on the screen and this will allow playing and chatting between the players of the same game. If you wish to chat with others, just enter the name of the player in the box and tap on the “Send” option.

Games on

Here are some lists of games on AOL:

  • 10*10.
  • 2048.
  • 5 roll.
  • ALU’S revenge.
  • Arkadium bubble shooter.
  • Arkadium code word.
  • Baccarat mini.
  • Backgammon.
  • Ballistic.
  • Bingo.
  • Bingo blackout.
  • Bird word MAHJONGG.

How To Play Games on

Here are the steps on how to play games on

  • Go to
  • Click on the “games” option. You can find it at the left side of your screen.
  • Find the game you want to download and click on play game.

And start playing your game.

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