Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Kit – Pen, Radiant Effects, Editors Review

Most of you probably heard of the Aura glow teeth whitening kit before. If you have, then this article would help you decide if it’s worth it. If you don’t already know what the aura glow teeth whitening kit is, you can still read on as there are a lot of things you can still learn.

This article is directed towards those who have full awareness of the condition their teeth are in at all times and want to keep it sparkling white. Teeth whitening kits have become more popular over the past years.

They generally offer you a multitude of ways to get the perfect white smiles. If you are a model or aspiring to be a public figure, there is no doubt that a perfectly white smile would go a long way to boost your influence.

Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Kit
Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Kit

Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Kit

The aura glow teeth whitening kit is a very good choice when it comes to home teeth whitening. Now is a great time to be in the cosmetic dentistry business if you are a business owner. Research shows that over thirty-eight million Americans used tooth whiteners in just the last year.

This brand of home teeth whitening kits always tries to differentiate itself from tons of other brands out there. This is why it has reason to become one of the popular home teeth whitening kits in the market today.

They offer an Aura glow tooth whitening gel which is an affordable way to whiten your teeth with a variety of dental-grade ingredients. I’ve personally used this product and I can tell you that you would definitely get positive results from using this product.

If you are skeptical about using products from other countries, then you have no problem with the aura glow teeth whitening kit as it is made in the United States.

How Will Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Kit Help You

Aura glow is one of the most dedicated brands out there that really cares about the health of your teeth and the convenience you get from taking care of your teeth.

Aura glow offers three different whitening products of which you have the option to choose which you prefer. From usage, the results actually last for three whole months and the kits have enough gel treatments for twenty days.

This kit is so amazing because when you exhaust your gel, you don’t have to purchase them while kit again. All you have to do is refill your gel from the website or any trusted online vendor.

Components of the Kit

When you purchase the aura glow teeth whitening kit, what do you get in the box? To save you the money and effort of actually buying one to find out, you would get the following;

  • LED light mouthpiece.
  • Whitening gel.
  • Comfort fit tray.
  • Storage case.

Without further ado, let’s look at them.

LED Light Mouthpiece

This kit comes with a LED light mouthpiece which actually accelerates your results by activating the molecules in the teeth whitening gel. With this light mouthpiece, you can actually whiten your teeth three times faster.

It features five different built-in LED bulbs and a ten-minute time. The batteries can last from one to two days. I personally love this mouthpiece because of the easy mouth tray connection with hands-free whitening.

Whitening Gel

Ever had an appointment with the dentist? Well, this gel contains about thirty-five percent carbon peroxide which is similar to what your dentist would use. With this gel, you no longer have to leave your home to get your teeth whitened as it is a home brand and offers office-grade services.

The get is totally gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan, kosher, has no artificial colors, and definitely has organic ingredients. Peroxide and remineralizing ingredients work hand in hand to whiten the surface of your teeth with no side effects at all.

Comfort-Fit Tray

This comfort fit tray is actually what goes inside of your mouth and holds the gel in place. You don’t have to worry too much about it as it is made from safe and soft silicon. This tray also does not require any molding and the LED mouthpiece can easily be attached for hands-free whitening.

Storage Case

This kit comes with a storage case to keep all the items organized while you use it. This tray is also used to keep away the kit (maybe in the cupboard of your bathroom).

Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Kit Instructions

Now that we know what the aura glow teeth whitening kit is all about, how do we use it when we actually purchase it? Well, here are the instructions to use the kit.

  • First, you have to make sure your kit is charged.
  • Brush your teeth and wait for them to dry.
  • Now, apply the teeth whitening gel to the try. This can be done using a thin line at the top and bottom of the tray.
  • Place the tray in your mouth and turn on the LED light by touching the aura glow logo.
  • Let the tray stay in your mouth for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, the LED light should turn off on its own.

Repeat the process for one to two weeks till you get your desired result.

Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Pen

If you decide you don’t have thirty minutes every day to whiten your teeth, then you should consider the aura glow teeth whitening pen. This pen can be applied at any time and fits almost anywhere.

Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Pen
Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Pen

The aura glow teeth whitening kit shines when it comes to whitening one tooth or whitening hard-to-reach places. It’s perfect for touching up after a full whitening treatment and also great for getting into crevices.

How to Use Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Pen

The aura glow teeth whitening pen is very easy to use. Follow the steps below to get started;

  • Press the bottom of the pen till the gel starts to appear at the tip of the brush.
  • Open your teeth wide in a position you can hole for a minute and apply the gel. Make sure it gets into every one of your teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth and that’s it.

You have to use it at least once a day. It could also be used twice a day.

Aura Glow Radiant Effects

If you’re looking for something in between the stress of a teeth whitening kit and the convenience of a whitening pen, then you should give the aura glow radiant effects a try.

Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Radiant Effects
Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Radiant Effects

While there is no LED light, the aura glow radiant effects have custom dental trays. There are made from soft thermoforms and can easily be molded to fit the shape of your mouth. All you have to do is dip them in warm water and they would become very flexible.

How to Use Aura Glow Radiant Effects

Follow the steps below to use the aura glow radiant effects.

  • Dip the trays in warm water and mold them to the shape of your teeth.
  • After molding, fill the trays with the aura glow teeth whitening gel and insert it in your mouth.
  • Wait for thirty minutes.

That’s how to use the aura glow radiant effects.


I hope this article helped you decide if the aura glow teeth whitening kit is worth it. You can also try the other aura glow products if you think the kit is too stressful. Also, note that all the parts of this kit come with a one-year warranty.

All these kits can be bought on the Amazon website, the aura glow website, eBay, or any trusted vendor with supplies. Read another article on the best teeth whitening kit.

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