Clash of Leagues 2021: Winners | Eligible Countries | Qualification

Searching for clash of leagues on the google play store would return almost no relevant result. Is clash of leagues a game? The simple answer to that is Yes. So how do we play the game? This is one of the questions I hope to answer in this article.

Clash of leagues has grown a bit popular since its birth in Europe. I don’t know if this game plans to expand globally but as of the moment, it is only available in European regions. I would be giving you an idea of what the game is about and how it is played.

Clash of Leagues
Clash of Leagues

Clash of Leagues

Clash of leagues is an international eSports tournament that features the best brawl star teams of Europe. The winning teams from each of the licensed esports leagues are the qualifiers for this tournament.

These teams would directly qualify for the final knockout round of the competition. Other runner-ups would also get the chance to battle in a group stage for other positions in the final. However, any eSports team who are currently in any of the “clash of leagues” qualifying countries have the possibility to compete in an open qualifier event.

Clash of Leagues Participating Leagues

Like I said before, clash of leagues is made up of the winning teams of five different eSports leagues. If you don’t already know those leagues, I would be listing them out.

  • A1 eSports League Austria.
  • Swisscom Hero League.
  • A1 Adria League.
  • Voka League.
  • A1 Gaming League.

Those are the leagues that would be participating in the clash of leagues event.

Structure of the Tournament

The structure of this tournament is very simple and you don’t want to complicate it. This first season of this event took place in July and August 2021. The five licensed eSports leagues are eligible to send two teams each to this tournament.

From these two teams, one team would directly qualify to the quarter-finals of the competition while the other team would have to participate in the group stage of the competition. In addition to these participating teams, three more teams can qualify through an international open qualifier.

Team Set-Up and Eligible Countries

Every team participating in the competition would have to consist of at least three players of which two players must be a resident of the tournament eligible countries while the third player must be a European resident. Here is a list of the clash of leagues eligible countries;

  • Albania.
  • Austria.
  • Belarus.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Croatia.
  • Germany.
  • Kosovo.
  • Liechtenstein.
  • Luxembourg.
  • Montenegro.
  • North Macedonia.
  • Serbia.
  • Slovenia.
  • Switzerland.

Those are the licensed countries for clash of leagues.

Clash of League 2021 Winners

The clash of league winners are SK GamingBIGNoble Elite, and Chernobyl Dribblers. SK Gaming came first, BIG came second, Noble Elite and Chernobyl Dribblers came in third place.

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