Cleaning Jobs in USA with Free Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

Looking for cleaning jobs in USA with free visa sponsorship can be quite challenging. Professional cleaners are very important for keeping businesses and homes clean and safe. Cleaners are responsible for many types of household and cleaning chores and have a wide range of technical and personal skills to help them in their jobs.

Cleaning Jobs in USA with Free Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners
Cleaning Jobs in USA with Free Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

If you want to work as a cleaner, it can be helpful to know the different types of cleaning jobs available to determine which one is best for you. In this article, we will discuss the different types of cleaning positions and their responsibilities.

Who is a Cleaner?

A cleaner is someone who cleans commercial or residential areas for a fee. Professional cleaners play an important role in the cleanliness, order, and safety of businesses and homes. Different types of cleaning jobs may specialize in different types of cleaning, such as cleaning equipment or cleaning windows.

Cleaners are generally responsible for standard household tasks such as mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping, although they may also perform other types of maintenance or inspections. Cleaners can work independently or for cleaning companies as employees.

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H-2B Visa for Foreign Cleaners

H-2B visas are limited to 66,000 per year, and in recent years this type of visa has become extremely popular with seasonal workers in the hospitality and tourism industry, so a visa will likely not be available when an employer will be ready to apply for a domestic worker.

H-2B visas must also be temporary and seasonal, meaning the employer must prove that in any given year the domestic worker will work for them for less than 12 months. The maximum length of stay on an H-2B visa is three years, but again, a worker cannot stay in the United States and work continuously all the time because the position would not be seasonal in nature.

Duties of a Cleaner

At any given time, a cleaner can be expected to perform these tasks;

  • Dust and clean ceiling vents, surfaces, and counter surfaces.
  • Performs general sweeping, cleaning, and scrubbing of hardwood, laminate, or tile floors.
  • Use suction equipment; vacuum and clean carpets, and performs other treatments such as shampooing or stain removal as needed.
  • Disposal of garbage from bins and containers.
  • Polish furniture and bedroom accessories as needed.
  • Sinks, sinks, and toilets in private and public toilets.
  • Cleaning windows, glass surfaces, and mirrors.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all equipment, supplies, and cleaning products.
  • Ensure safe and hygienic storage and maintenance of products.
  • Keep all public areas clean and tidy.
  • Report needed repairs and replacements when found at work.

These are the duties and responsibilities of a cleaner.

Top Cleaning Jobs in USA with Free Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

If you consider yourself a cleaner, here are some job titles that you can apply for in the United States as a foreigner.

  • Residential Cleaner
  • Commercial Cleaner
  • Window Cleaner
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Ceiling and Wall Cleaner
  • Blind Cleaner
  • Curtain Cleaner
  • Janitor
  • Medical Cleaner
  • Housekeeper

These are some of the jobs you can apply for with visa sponsorship in the United States as a foreigner.

Residential Cleaner

One cool thing about residential home cleaning jobs is that it can be very easy to find clients. You can join platforms like Indeed or SimplyHired or even market your services on local social media pages. You can even post flyers online in your area.

You can work full-time or part-time residential cleaning jobs. Also, you don’t need any special equipment, just basic cleaning supplies like mops, cleaning cloths, and some cleaners.

Commercial Cleaner

A commercial cleaner is another popular type of cleaner. Services of a commercial cleaner may include cleaning offices, apartments, retail spaces, and other commercial spaces. Demand is generally higher in larger cities. But, if you live near a mall, you can find plenty of work.

Where commercial cleaning differs from residential cleaning in that it generally requires weekend or after-hours work. This is so that business operations are not interrupted and you can clean up when the installation is silent.

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Many commercial cleaning projects operate on a contract basis. Therefore, you will not only have to apply for jobs but also submit fees and sign contracts.

Window Cleaner

Window cleaners are another type of cleaner. They typically work for a window cleaning company cleaning windows and other glass surfaces for businesses or residential properties. Window cleaners may operate elevators to reach high-rise windows and must be familiar with cleaning chemicals and tools to perform their daily responsibilities.

Carpet Cleaner

Typical carpet cleaning includes services that include steam cleaning, carpet repair, and stain and odor removal. When housekeeping, this can be particularly important.

You will likely find that most of your working days will be spent cleaning carpets in commercial locations. Most people only clean the carpets in their homes once or twice a year. Businesses often tend to need their carpets cleaned more often, especially in customer-only areas like lobbies.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaner

Ceiling and wall cleaning can be part of a general home or office cleaning service provided by some companies, but it is also a specialized service. A ceiling and wall cleaner clean off dirt, oil, and other dirt from walls and ceilings for cleanliness, better lighting, and health.

Blind Cleaner

Whether aluminum, PVC, or wooden blinds, they attract dust. This creates a real need for this special cleaning service. For this service, you would have to be comfortable taking off and putting blinds back together.

Curtain Cleaner

Curtain cleaning services can include onsite and offsite cleaning methods. The on-site process usually involves dry cleaning. It is generally recommended because it is more convenient for the customer (curtains are not picked up and hung up), it is gentler on the fabric, and offers a far better cleaning for clients.


These services typically cover routine maintenance and cleaning for schools, businesses, and large offices. If you provide this service, you will need to focus on building a team of professional and efficient concierges. Typical tasks include cleaning, sweeping, and disposing of trash and general building maintenance, such as changing light bulbs and fixing broken doors.

Medical Cleaner

As these clinics and hospitals have high standards of cleanliness, medical cleaning is highly specialized. You must use the proper cleaning supplies and equipment for these types of commercial cleaning services and follow strict cleaning practices.


Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning places like residences and hotels. Housewives are usually responsible for tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, changing bedding, etc. Good housewives are detail-oriented so they can thoroughly clean every room in a home, and they also have organizational and customer service skills. Housewives can work independently or as employees of a cleaning company.

Apply for Cleaning Jobs with Visa Sponsorship as a Foreigner

Applying for cleaning jobs as a foreigner is very easy. The only thing you may find an issue with is getting approval. If you meet the necessary requirements set by the employer, it would be fairly easy to get employment. To get these jobs, you can search the internet or popular job portals. Here is a list of cleaning jobs with via sponsorship that you can apply for right now.

Click the links and apply now. Note that you may have to create an account on the platform before applying.

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