Days Gone Cheat – Cheat Menu on PC | Cheat Codes for ps4

What are days gone cheat? Days Gone for a while has been on PC and it is working perfectly well. Those that made it has made known to everyone their gratitude to the community and also on PlayStation.

It is just like an uncharted 4 that is expected to be released on the platform any time from now. The platform has made a lot of effort to make days gone cheat a good quality on the PC.

Days Gone Cheat
Days Gone Cheat

Numerous mods have been out on the game and it has improved the overall experience since it was released. In this article, you are going to find out how you can enable the days gone wrong cheat. You should continue reading this article if you would love to find out.

Days Gone Cheat

If you are not a fan of the HUD in-game, there is a mod that can fix that for you. The game does not let you turn off the depth of field in-game, the game is a hit on Steam, with a Very Positive rating.

If you are done with the game and want to mess around with debug commands, you can try out a mod. The mod allows you to adjust various parameters of the game, related to almost every aspect of it.

How To Enable Days Gone Debug Cheat Menu

Everything does not work as you want it to but even with that, you can adjust the items, values, and others. And you can also change the character model. Here are the steps on how to download the days gone debug cheat:

  • Go to NexusMods and sign up to start the download process.
  • Click on the manual download button and the download will begin.

It will be downloaded successfully, now let see how to install the mod file.

How To Install the Mod Files?

Since you downloaded the mod file you will have to install it to make use of it. Here are the steps on how to install it:

  • Go to your windows and open the run by pressing the window and key R at the same time. you can also search for it through the windows search.
  • Here, open the Paks folder, if there isn’t one, create it.
  • Bring out the file you have downloaded, you can find it in the Paks folder.
  • Now, go to where the game has been installed, and rename the space to anything else. This is very necessary because you will have to enable a console in the game.

If you have followed the steps properly, you can now enable the console in-game. To do this,

  • Press your Ctrl and Backspace keys together.
  • Then next hit the close button on the right side to close it using your mouse.

There you go.

Days Gone ps4 Cheat

Here are the days gone ps4 cheat codes.

You’ve Got Red on You This cheat code is used to collect 541 Items from corpses.
World’s End This cheat code is used to complete the World’s End storyline.
Welcome to the Party, Pal This code will clear all ambush camps, infestations, and NERO checkpoints in a single region.
Wannabe Fortune Hunter This cheat code is used to unlock over 50% of the collectibles.
Variety is the Spice of Life This code will kill an enemy with every type of crossbow bolt.
This is a Knife This cheat code is used to kill a breaker, reacher, or rager with a knife.
There’s No Stopping Me This code will unlock 30 skills.
The Ends and the Means This cheat code is used to discover what happened to NERO.
The Broken Roadshow This code will unlock over 75% of collectibles.
The Art of Bike Repair This cheat code is used to is used to apply 100 scrap to your bike.
Take Back Your Name This code will return the favor back.
Surviving isn’t Living This cheat code is used to rescue 10 survivors.
Special Delivery This code will make a delivery to tucker or copeland.
Riding NOMAD This cheat code is used to take to the road alone.
Performance Enhanced Max out either your health, stamina, or focus.
One Percenter This cheat code is used to unlock every trophy in Days Gone game.
One Down You can defeat your first horde with the help of this code.
Old Reliable This cheat code is used to kill 200 enemies with a crafted weapon.
Mr. Fahrenheit This code will unlock 45 skills.
Morior Invictus Ride out to take back what’s yours.
Marauder Camp Hunter Complete the Marauder Camp Hunter storyline
Make it Rain Spend 20,000 credits at one Encampment
Lost and Found This cheat code is used to drive south with Boozer.
Lend Me Your Ears You can collect 989 freaker ears using this code.
Kitchen Courier This cheat code is used to sell animal meat or plants to any encampment.
Just a Flesh Wound Get out of Crazy Willie’s.
It’s Getting Cold Outside This cheat code is used to reconnect with what you lost.
Infestation Exterminator This code will complete the infestation exterminator storyline.
I’ve Been Waiting for This This cheat code is used to take revenge, once and for all.
I’m Out of Control You can unlock 15 skills with this code.
Hold on Tight This cheat code is used to see a familiar face.
Go Kick Rocks This code knocks down 12 anarchist cairns.
Ghost of Farewell This cheat code is used to get 100 stealth kills.
First Time Buyer Upgrade your bike for the first time
Finders Keepers This cheat code is used to unlock your first collectible.
Farewell Original Purchase an upgrade under the Performance, Visual, and Paint Categories for your bike
Farewell Drift This cheat code is used to accumulate 10 minutes of drifting while on your bike.
Don’t Stop Me Now Unlocks your first skill.
Days Done This cheat code is used to complete the story of Days Gone.
D.I.Y. Oregonian This cheat code is used to craft 50 items.
Burnout Apocalypse Use nitro and drift at the same time on your bike for at least 5 seconds.
Brothers in Arm You can check up on Boozer with this code.
Better Living through Chemistry This code will upgrade either your health, stamina, or focus for the first time.
Best Friends Forever (For Life) This cheat code is used to gain the allied trust status with three different encampments.
Best Friends Forever Receive the allied trust status with an encampment.
Ambush Camp Hunter This cheat code will complete the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline

Hope it helped you win the game lol… hope to see you soon

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