Epic Seven Gift Codes and How to Redeem Livestream Items

This article would feature all of the epic seven gift codes. If you are a fan of epic seven and also a fan of freebies, stick around as I can promise you this article would help you. I am writing this article to get these codes out there on the internet for all of my readers to take advantage of.

Epic seven is one of the leading mobile gacha games on the internet right now. This game is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is a Korean-based role-playing game developed by super creative and Smilegate Megaport.

Epic Seven Gift Codes
Epic Seven Gift Codes

Epic Seven Gift Codes

Epic seven gift codes are very useful when it comes to outranking or outsmarting other players. You can easily get tons of free items to help you in your journey while others have to work hard for it.

Well, if you are thinking this is some form of a cheat, I can assure you it’s not. These are just some free items that the developers of the game provided for everyone.

In an epic seven, players have to assemble a squad using characters they roll for using in-game currency. The character you get is all up to the draw. This seems a little unfair to me. This is where these codes come it.

Epic Seven Active Gift Codes

This is the moment of truth for all epic seven active gift code hunters. I have a list of some active gift codes which I would like to share with you.

  • new3star
  • epictalkshow – 3 Leifs, 300K Gold
  • e7happygift – 3 Leifs, 300K Gold
  • epicsevenxr – Livestream Chest Code
  • EPIC7YOUTUBE100K – 10 Leifs, 1M Gold

That’s it. I strongly suggest you redeem these codes as quickly as possible as they don’t tend to last forever.

Epic Seven Expired Gift Codes

Here are some of the expired epic seven gift codes. Since they are expired, these codes no longer work but hey, give it a try and see if it works.

  • Raniscoming
  • epic15belian
  • mangetsusai
  • epic0901gift
  • mercedes
  • gift4u
  • Adventure
  • Camp
  • epicseven7

That’s it. Don’t forget to leave a comment with any of the codes that work for you.

How to Redeem

Redeeming epic seven gift codes can be another daunting task. Follow the steps below to redeem these codes.

  • First, open the application drawer on your device and launch the epic seven game.
  • Click the mail icon located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Use the search bar and the GM tab to search for Livestream gifts.
  • After finding the gift, click the green “Receive” button to open the gift.
  • Finally, enter the proper gift code to redeem the gift and tap “receive”.

If you successfully followed the steps, you should successfully receive all the items you redeemed.

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