Facebook Dating App Download for Facebook Singles

“Facebook Dating App Download for Facebook Singles” Wow, the Facebook app keeps getting better daily with amazing updates to get you glued to your internet devices. Facebook’s latest feature is the new Facebook dating app which means chatting and dating at your convenience.

Dating is a service meant to be used by singles on the Facebook app, even the Facebook CEO made a shocking announcement saying that millions of Facebook users have identified themselves as singles and at such making use of this new dating app as an avenue to get hooked to a lover on Facebook. Should in case you are a Facebook user who is single, you can start dating right away.

Facebook Dating App Download for Facebook Singles Update
Facebook Dating App Download for Facebook Singles Update

Facebook Dating App Download for Facebook Singles

Gone are the days Facebook is used for only communication, who says you can’t eat your cake and have it? Well, check again. A lot of people these days are now making use of Facebook as an avenue for marketing and business purposes, to make it more interesting a new dating app has been added making it possible to date from home, work, and much more.

Who says you have to go out and search for your missing rib? Like I said before check again, you can find your one true love, without going out all you need is an internet-connected device then you download the app and the rest is to be experienced by you.

Dating with Facebook App Download Free for Singles

The Facebook dating app is free for singles to download, it’s an opportunity for singles to find love online. It may interest you to know how this pandemic has rendered a lot of singles. Due to the stay-at-home order, missing their loved ones.

But with this, Facebook dating app you don’t have to miss out one bit on the activities of your lover. The best part of it is that this app is free. Although some countries are restricted from making use of dating apps.  The following countries that are eligible to make use of the dating app;

  • The United States.
  • Brazil.
  • Argentina.
  • Chile.
  • Malaysia.
  • Singapore.
  • Thailand.
  • Mexico.
  • Columbia.
  • Peru.
  • Philippines.
  • Canada.
  • Paraguay.
  • Ecuador.
  • Guyana.
  • Vietnam.
  • Uruguay.
  • Suriname.
  • Laos.
  • Bolivia.

The countries that are not on the list above are not yet eligible to use the dating app, but Facebook promises to launch the app in European countries this 2020

Facebook Dating App Download Free

The Facebook dating app and Facebook are the same, so all you need to do in case you are already on Facebook is to update your Facebook app. If you are interested in the dating app but, don’t have a Facebook account, you can get it downloaded for free.

How to get a Facebook Account on Different Devices

How to get the Facebook app on an iPhone;

  • Firstly, open the app store on your iPhone. Tap the store app icon.
  • You tap on the search
  • Then you tap the text box app store
  • Next is that you type Facebook and search
  • Then tap on the GET.
  • Next is to enter the ID password of your apple or touch device.
  • Finally, you install the Facebook app.

The next are steps to get Facebook on your android device;

  • You first open the google play store on your device.
  • Then you tap on the search.
  • Next if for you to type the Facebook and search
  • Then the Facebook app appears on the menu.
  • Then tap on install, to get the app installed.

After the installation of the app, you can now start using the Facebook app.

Facebook Dating Profile Setup

For you to access the dating profile below are the steps you need to follow;

  • On your profile click on the heart icon at the top of your device.
  • Go to the dating room and select a gender.
  • Then confirm your location
  • You will be provided with 12 tiles, on which you are to enter a photo of yourself and answer the rest questions.
  • Then tap on the questions you want to be displayed on the profile of your dating app.
  • Answer the questions carefully as your match might get attracted to you through them.
  • Then you select a photo of yourself to be displayed on your profile.
  • Then you put the criteria you would like your match to have.

That’s it.

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