Fortnite Download Link – Free on Mobile and PC


Fortnite download link is a popular search term that arose with the popularity of fortnite. Fortnite is loved by a lot of fans and therefore has a very huge fan base. Despite this, not everyone knows about fortnite yet.

Fortnite is a free battle royale game for both PC and mobile devices. One thing that has repeatedly kept the fans of the game are the epic skin characters. While this game has a cartoon-based layout unlike other battle royale games, its skins seems to be one of the best.

Fortnite Download Link
Fortnite Download Link

Fortnite Download Link

Before we get started on the Fortnite download link, you should bear in mind that if you are an iOS user, you would be totally unable to download this game. The reason for this was because fortnite was banned from iOS some time ago.

If you are an android user or windows PC user, you would totally be able to download this game on your device and have a lot of fun. The requirements for this game to run smoothly on mobile devices are quite high too. Simply put, you must have a powerful gaming phone to play this game.

How Do I Download Fortnite?

Right to the question of how do I download Fortnite, Fortnite can be downloaded using the official installer. The official installer for Fortnite is epic games. This installer can be downloaded from the epic games website and used to install Fortnite for free. Continue reading to find out how to install Fortnite with epic games.

How do I Install Fortnite Using the Epic Games Launcher?

First of all, you have to download the epic games application on your device. Follow the steps below to download Epic games on your device right now. Note that mobile iOS devices are not included.

  • Open any web browser on your device. Preferably the one you’re using to read this article right now.
  • Follow this link on a new tab.
  • You should now be on the official download page of the epic game’s website. Simply select the platform you’re using. It could be Windows, Mac, or Android.
  • The download of the epic game’s application should now begin.

Simply run the downloaded file on your device and the epic games application should automatically install on your device. After installing the epic game’s installer, read the next paragraph on how to install Fortnite on PC or Mobile.

How to Download Fortnite on PC

After installing the epic game’s installer on your PC, simply launch it. After launching it, you should see a list of epic games you can download. Simply select Fortnite and wait for the installer to finish installing Fortnite on your device.

Note that this can take quite some time as Fortnite is a pretty big file. Also, make sure to keep your internet connection on and stable as it requires data to download Fortnite.

How to Download Fortnite on Mobile

Installing Fortnite on mobile (specifically android) is almost the same as installing it on PC. Simply launch the epic games installer and select Fortnite from the list of epic games. Wait for the game to install and you can now start playing Fortnite on your device.


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