Genshin Impact Characters Names Tier List – All 42 Characters Reviewed


Looking for all genshin impact characters? Well, we have them here. If you are new to genshin impact or you are considering playing it, having prior knowledge of all the characters would really help your journey.

Ninety percent of people make mistakes when it comes to games like genshin impact and gets stuck on certain stages. It can be quite difficult to get the proper character to face any challenge if you don’t know the character and what to build.

Genshin Impact Characters
Genshin Impact Characters

While genshin impact is dependent on team buildup, you want to always make sure you build the right team. A lot of people decide to start the game over again after getting stuck from choosing and building the wrong team.

Genshin Impact Characters

At the time of writing this article, there are currently forty-two genshin impact characters and that’s what we would be talking about in this article. Before we begin, here’s a list of all genshin impact characters.

  • Diluc.
  • Keqing.
  • Venti.
  • Hu Tao.
  • Bennett.
  • Ganyu.
  • Eula.
  • Xiao.
  • Tartaglia.
  • Klee.
  • Albedo.
  • Kazuha.
  • Ayaka.
  • Mona.
  • Zhongli.
  • Raiden Shogun.
  • Razor.
  • Jean.
  • Yanfei.
  • Rosaria.
  • Xiangling.
  • Fischl.
  • Barbara.
  • Yoimiya.
  • Kokomi.
  • Thoma.
  • Sayu.
  • Xingqui.
  • Xinyan.
  • Chongyun.
  • Sucrose.
  • Diona.
  • Qiqi.
  • Aloy.
  • Kujou Sara.
  • Noelle.
  • Lisa.
  • Karya.
  • Traveller.
  • Ningguang.
  • Beidou.
  • Amber.

That’s it. Without further ado, let’s see a quick review on all these characters.


Diluc is generally considered the best DPS genshin impact character. Diluc posses the highest base attack power and a high critical rate.

He has a shield-wrecking claymore and his elemental abilities are capable of dealing high pyro damage. His elemental burst cooldown is just twelve seconds and only needs forty energy.


While sword and electro characters rank among the best in all categories, Keqing is a great melee fighter. She has an incredibly high stat which instantly makes her one of the very best characters in the game right now. She has strong electro abilities and can use her elemental to teleport across the battlefield at will.


Venti is a bow and anemo character and is arguably one of the best elemental support characters in the game. His elemental burst creates a massive stormeye that draws in all nearby enemies and can launch his enemies into the air.

Venti can absorb electro, pyro, hydro, and cryo elements and then convert it to fifty percent extra damage output of the elemental type.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a polearm and pyro character that can deliver a good punch with the right build-up. While fans expect her to be on the same level as diluc, she’s unable to deal much damage with her AoE attacks. Despite this, her single target damage output makes her an extremely valuable asset to the team.


Bennett is a great support character when it comes to providing the entire team with damage boost, healing and even dealing damage when it’s required. Bennett is like the perfect all-in-one character and that’s why he has the highest pick rate in the hardest spiral abyss floors.


One of the unique abilities of Ganyu is the ability to shoot different kinds of cryo arrows with only her charged attack. One of these cryo attracts include her AoE damage.

Combined with her AoE elemental abilities, she can continuously freeze and damage enemies. She’s also the first rival to Diluc’s base attack power with her bow.


Eula is one of the high damage genshin impact characters. Eula can output a massive amount of physical damage simply by building up stacks of grimstones. Her attack speed is slightly faster than most claymore users and can deal huge AoE burst damage with her light fall sword.


Xiao is currently the only anemo character that is purely focused on DPS. Xiao can easily trigger elemental reaction swirls with a couple of characters on the roaster. Xiao also does a great job when it comes to attacking multiple enemies with his plunging attacks.


Tartaglia is a hydro character that is not just handy with a bow. His elemental skill can easily swap his ranged weapons for hydro daggers. One of the usefulness of Tartaglia is that he can easily set up hydro/electro combos as well as be capable of dealing high elemental damage.


Klee is the bombing expert that’s also capable of high base attacks. Klee possesses extra catalyst, pyro damage, and extra ascension. This makes Klee an easy character to build maximum pyro damage. It can be quite tricky to find the right range between Klee and her enemies sometimes.


Albedo is a Geo character but can also continuously trigger high damage Geo-infused elemental reactions. His elemental abilities can create Geo explosions with a large area of effect. Another usefulness is that his elemental skill only takes four seconds to cool down.


Kazuha has really impressed fans with his amazing versatility. He’s the first Inazuma character to join genshin impact. With his sword, this anemo character can deal a whole lot of damage on his own. You can build up massive damage by putting him in a team that utilizes elemental reactions.


Ayaka came with the genshin impact 2.0 update. Ayaka is a cryo sword user and fairly meets the expectations of fans. Ayaka can be built for a DPS or sub DPS role if necessary. It’s still a bit difficult to say where she’d end up permanently.


Mona is another hydro character whose elemental burst can immobilize multiple enemies at once. Enemies could potentially be frozen if combined with a cryo teammate. Spawning her taunting phantom can protect your main DPS from taking too much damage.


With a buff to both Zhongli Geo and Geo elemental abilities, he now possesses a drastic damage output. His jade shield also gives him the ability to play in a DPS/Support hybrid role.

Raiden Shogun

Generally, Raiden shogun is a great character but her electro element is not very strong. You can get a lot from Raiden shogun by making great support builds. Use can utilize her elemental skill to buff other teammates.


IF you don’t have a 5-star main DPS, then razor may be your best option in the meantime. Razor possesses a high attack power and is armed with a claymore. Without arguments, he’s one of genshin impact’s best melee characters.


While Jean’s base attack power isn’t that great, she remains a great character because of her versatility as a healer and anemo support. She doesn’t really excel well in a particular role but combined with her crowd control abilities, melee attacks, and HP regeneration, she can carry the whole team.


Yanfei is a strong pyro elemental character who has the highest third base attack power in the whole game. With the right weapons and build, this genshin impact character can be your favorite character.


She’s tied with Yanfei for having the third-highest base attack power in the game. Rosaria excels in various areas as she can be your main source of damage or support for stronger characters. She has a versatile set of abilities which allows her to slot in with a variety of team build-ups.


Xiangling is on fog the best pyro characters in the whole of genshin impact. Although she may not do the best melee damage with her polearm, her elemental skill drops a fire-breathing auto-target teddy bear while her elemental burst surrounds her with fire for about ten seconds.


Fischl’s unique ability is the ability to spawn OZ on the battlefield. While you may need some constellation and talent upgrades to maximize OZ’s electro damage output, this ability is great for creating electro-infused elemental reactions.


Barbara is a hydro catalyst that that may also have the lowest base attack power of all genshin impact characters. Despite this, she’s a great support character as she can heal teammates individually with her elemental skill or heal them all at once with her elemental burst.


Yoimiya’s abilities are based on fireworks and her attacks have a very small area of effect damage. She can’t easily run through the hardest parts of the spiral abyss without support from her teammates. Choosing her is a personal decision and hopefully, the developers buff her really soon.


Kokomi is a new healer to join the genshin’s impact roaster and it seems fans are quite impressed as it’s fairly difficult to find a different type of healer that isn’t already on the roaster.


Thoma is another character from Inazuma that fits niche roles in very specific teams. With a great build, you can create shields for your teammates and provide non-flinching status every second. With some bosses, you can simply continue an attack animation knowing you won’t be launched into the sky.


Sayu is both an anemo and claymore user that possesses the ability to damage and heal party members. With the right team, Sayu performs really well but quite difficult for her to compete against Diona and Ganyu who are the best in their class.


Xingqui’s passive skill heals the current character which can prove to be a useful skill in the right team setup. Despite this, his sword attacks are average and his elemental cooldowns take very long.


Xinyan is a pyro player with the highest base attack of all four-star characters. Unfortunately for her, she has the same weapons and elemental as Diluc which makes Diluc shine more than her. While she isn’t a bad character, she can easily be overshadowed by other claymore and pyro characters.


While chongyun is a good claymore melee character, I think he shines better as an AoE cryo character. While in combination with a god hydro, he can easily freeze a lot of enemies at once. With a 12-seconds cooldown elemental burst, he can continuously freeze enemies.


Sucrose is an Alchemy-enthusiast that can launch enemies in the air with her elemental skill and deal some anemo damage in the process. She also has the ability to absorb electro, pyro, hydro, and cryo elements with her burst and converts it to extra damage output.


While she isn’t that useful as a ranged damage dealer, her cryo abilities can easily freeze multiple enemies at once. In addition, she can create protective shields and also heal. Although she’s not the best in these roles, it makes her good elemental support for beginner teams.


Qiqi is a great cryo sword fighter that has very high attack stats. At the same time, she has healing abilities to scale off those same attack power. In other words, she’s a great damage dealer and a healer in one.


Aloy is genshin’s impact-first crossover character and also an excellent DPS option in good team buildups. To be honest, fans didn’t really expect much from her as she was a free character.

Kujou Sara

Without any constellation, Kujou is undoubtedly an awkward character in the game (thanks to her clunky moveset). Her best build centers around her being an electro battery. While her abilities make her perfect for an electro battery, that single element isn’t strong enough to build your team around.


Noelle is very useful for early game players because of her shield and healing ability. She is a defensive Geo claymore character and in the absence of a proper healer, she can do the job of a healer.


Lisa is a librarian and her AoE electro powers are great for players just starting up. She has more base attack power than the other starting characters. Due to her catalyst, it’s quite easy to maximize her electro damage.


Kaeya is a sword wielder and can be used as a DPS in the early games. While his ascension stats can give him a higher energy recharge, he should be replaced as soon as possible.


The biggest asset of Traveler is the ability to change her elemental type. If your team is in dire need of a particular element, then Traveler would really help you out. While the traveler’s sword attack isn’t that great, they can fit in any team.


Ningguang is a catalyst character that has a unique shield ability that can be used to shape the battlefield. With Ningguang, you can easily place a massive Geo wall anywhere you want to stop incoming enemy hordes.


Beidou is one of the complicated characters to build, while other claymore characters have a higher base damage output, her elemental would become really powerful if her constellation reaches level four.


Amber can be said to be the worse character in the game as her elemental skill has a long cooldown, low HP, and very low damage output. It’s best to use her for puzzles exploration.


Now that you know all genshin impact characters, I hope it’s now easier for you to build your dream team and shine on the battlefield. You can download genshin impact on any of your device by following this link.


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