How to Resolve PDF File Sharing Problems?


How to Resolve PDF File Sharing Problems?” Undoubtedly, PDF (Portable Document Format) is the best file format available for people involved in creating and sharing documents. From students to business professionals, writers, and government organizations, people from various fields of life rely on PDF due to its universal nature.

Compress Images in the PDF Files
Compress Images in the PDF Files

How to Resolve PDF File Sharing Problems?

No matter what device you’re using, you can easily access PDF files without facing issues in their formatting. On the other hand, formats like Doc aren’t compatible with all devices, and when you share these files with different people, their formatting often deteriorates. Moreover, you don’t face security issues while managing PDF files, as you can easily encrypt them with a password.

Despite the advantages offered by PDF, people still face issues with sharing these files due to their large size. PDF file sharing is quite a big problem for users, as online platforms impose a restriction on the size of a file that can be shared with the recipients. For instance, Gmail permits users to only share a file of up to 25 MB in a single email.

The question is, how can you resolve PDF file sharing problems? If you want to hunt down the answer to this query, then continue reading this post till the end. Here, you will find multiple ways to make PDF file sharing easy. So, let’s start discussing them without any further delay.

Use a PDF Compressor

Are you looking for the easiest way to overcome PDF file sharing problems? A PDF compressor is certainly the best way to compress PDF files and reduce their sizes to make them easily shareable. The tools are easily available over the web, and you can use them to compress PDF files without affecting their quality.

The lossless compression method used by a compressed PDF utility makes sure to keep your file of the same quality and bring down its size. Whenever you’re in a hurry to share a PDF file, but its size is not letting you do so, you can rely on a PDF compressor, as it helps you in completing this chore within a matter of seconds.

Split a PDF into Multiple Files

Another smart way to resolve the PDF file-sharing issue is by splitting a PDF document into multiple files. A single PDF file can contain unlimited data, and while preparing a document, you may have compiled different forms of content into it. This advantage of PDF format can turn into a major problem when it comes to sharing them.

Hence, you can work on splitting a PDF document into multiple files. For this purpose, the online split PDF tool can help you out. You can use this facility and get your PDF divided into multiple files without losing any data from it.

Cut Down Unnecessary Elements

Making your PDF files easily shareable doesn’t need to be a hectic task. If you panic, then things can get out of your hands, and you may end up wasting all your efforts and time invested in its creation. While preparing a PDF file, you may end up including content that could unnecessarily increase its size.

So, you can resolve this issue by cutting down unnecessary elements. You can do so by deeply analyzing your entire file and cutting down unwanted content. However, this way isn’t easy and requires utmost attention, as you cannot afford to rip off the data without which your document is incomplete. 

Zip PDF Files

You may already be aware of file zipping software programs that compress files and make them easily shareable. You can use them to zip PDF files and share them across any platform without encountering any difficulties. WinRAR, 7-Zip, and WinZip are the most widely used zipping software programs that help you in reducing PDF file size.

This method is useful and handy for those who don’t wish to get their files affected in any way. However, the recipient you’re sharing the PDFs with must have knowledge of how to unzip and access the files. Otherwise, it can create a sort of confusion and make things even worse.

Compress Images in the PDF Files

Resolving the PDF file sharing problem doesn’t need to be done at the last moment. You can take measures during the preparation of PDF files and make them easily shareable. One such way is to compress the images before adding them to the PDF file.

You can use the image compressor to make this thing possible. The visuals have a great impact on the overall size of your PDF document; hence, by inserting their compressed versions, you’ll make sure of not extending their size, which makes it hard for you to share them. 

That’s it!

Every problem has a solution; you just need to work on finding it! If you are facing problems with sharing PDF files, there’s no need to scratch your head. Just use one of the ways discussed above and reduce their size to make PDF file-sharing quick and hassle-free.


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