iPhone Apps Crashing – 7 Ways to Troubleshoot for Free

Why is iPhone apps crashing? There can be multiple reasons why apps freeze or crash, especially when you consider the wide range of chipsets, screen resolutions, custom skins on Android smartphones.

One reason could be low memory or a weak chipset. Apps can also crash if they are not coded properly. Sometimes when you don’t restart your iPhone in several days apps tend to freeze and crash randomly.

iPhone Apps Crashing
iPhone Apps Crashing

iPhone Apps Crashing

Why do apps keep freezing and crashing on your iPhone? Freezing and crashing apps are usually due to memory-related issues like when the device is running low on internal storage.

The same thing can happen if the application gets corrupted after installing updates and likewise when an app isn’t up to date. Read on to find out the reasons for apps crashing and how to stop your apps from crashing.

iPhone Apps Keep Crashing 2021

Some apps require a Wi-Fi connection to download and reinstall. Open the App Store and locate the app if you’re still unable to open it. Scroll down and tap the “Report a Problem” link. Select the issue you are experiencing, enter additional comments, and then tap “Report” to submit the issue to the developers.

Troubleshooting Apple iPhone with Apps That Keep Crashing

Before you start troubleshooting, check your phone’s current memory status. As mentioned earlier, insufficient memory or low storage is usually the main reason why a device is not able to perform stably. Here are steps you should follow:

  • Clear all background apps.
  • Restart your apple iPhone.
  • Install pending app updates on your Apple iPhone.
  • Reinstall all errant apps.
  • Turn off restrictions on your iPhone.
  • Reset all settings on your Apple iPhone.
  • And lastly, erase your iPhone and restore iOS in iTunes.

If it still does not work then there may be some advanced in-app settings that need to be notified for apps to work properly with the latest iOS platform.

How To Stop Your Apps from Crashing

Here are the steps on how to stop your app from crashing:

  • Reboot your iPhone. the first step to take when your iPhone apps keep crashing is to reboot your iPhone.
  • Update your apps. Out of date, iPhone apps can also cause your device to crash.
  • Reinstall your problematic app or apps.
  • Update your iPhone.
  • DUF restores your iPhone.

These are the steps on how to stop your apps from crashing.

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