6 Common Reasons Why Your iPhone Wont Charge

“iPhone Wont Charge” also iPhone Won’t Charge is one of the most common issues with most iPhone devices right now. While there may be various reasons, I would be showing you the most common reasons in this article.

My aim for this article is that it helps troubleshoot your iPhone won’t charge problem. Some of the issues I would be writing out are issues that personally happened to me and were quite easy to fix once I found out the problem.

iPhone Wont Charge
iPhone Won’t Charge

iPhone Wont Charge

Let’s cut the chase and get to the heart of this article. The common scenario here is that you plug your charger into your iPhone like you normally do and this time it refuses to charge. The first thing anyone would do in this situation is to unplug the charger and plug it in again.

What if you did that and it still didn’t work? Well, that’s why you are reading this article right now. Read the next paragraph carefully to know six different reasons why your iPhone isn’t charging.

6 Reasons Why iPhone Won’t Charge

Without further ado, here are six of the most common reasons why your iPhone refused to charge;

  • Loose Connection.
  • Dirty or Damaged Charging Port.
  • Your Charging Cable is Damaged.
  • Your Power Outlet has Issues.
  • Uncertified Charging Accessories.
  • Software Malfunction.

Those are the most common reasons why your iPhone won’t charge.

Loose Connection

This is the easiest problem you can solve right from the comfort of your home. Quite frankly, ninety percent of the time, your iPhone isn’t charging because of the connection.

This isn’t a difficult issue at all, if you have a loose connection, it is either the cable connected to your phone’s charging port is loose or the connection to the lightning wall charger is loose. In either case, all you have to do is adjust the charger a little.

Dirty of Damaged Charging Port

“iPhone wont charge” One other reason why your iPhone may not be charging is that your phone’s charging port is dirty or probably damaged. Since the iPhone charging port is quite unique, most of the dust collected by the port stays in until it’s manually cleaned.

The solution to this is very simple, all you have to do is take a clean pair of cotton buds and clean up your charging ports. If cleaning your charging port didn’t work, I would suggest taking your phone to a phone repairer.

They would actually check the phone out and most probably tell you your charging port is busted and you have to replace it.

Your Charging Cable is Damaged

When your iPhone wont charge, you should actually try changing your charging cable. Now I wouldn’t recommend buying a new one instantly as you are not yet sure what the problem is.

What I recommend is that you try using your cable to charge your friend’s iPhone and see if it charges. You can also try using your friend’s iPhone charging cable to charge your phone. Either way, you’d either find out that your cable is bad or your charging port is busted among other possible issues.

Your Power Outlet has Issues

Most likely your charging port would be busted. This issue is similar to the scenario where your charging cable has issues. To troubleshoot this issue, simply try other chargers or other electrical appliances with your power outlet.

If other chargers or appliances work, then you found the source of your problem which is your charger among other possible problems. If other chargers or electrical appliances don’t work, then the issue lies within your power outlet.

Uncertified Charging Accessories

If you are using a third-party charging accessory or any accessory that’s non-apple-certified, then you would most likely have issues. I recommend you always try to use the official accessories from apple on your iOS devices.

Simply put, iOS unlike android is not open-source software. This means any third-party accessories with no affiliation to apple will probably have issues every now and then.

Software Malfunction

While this is a rare case, the problem may not be with your charger, power outlet, charging cable, or charging port but with your phone. I’m not saying your phone is bad. Sometimes the apple software running on your device may be malfunctioning.

If this is the case, you can try a hard reset. Simply hold down both the volume up and down button and hold the power button and wait for the apple logo to come up. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time so you Have to be patient.

Once the logo comes up, your iPhone would automatically reboot. After the reboot, it should hopefully solve your charging issues if it’s a software error.


Hopefully, you were able to fish out why your iPhone wont charge from the issues I listed above. If you still didn’t find out why you can contact the official iPhone customer care on their website.

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