McDonalds Pokémon Cards – Limited-Edition’s Current Worth

What is are McDonalds Pokémon cards? If you watched the popular Pokémon cartoon, I am sure you would already know what Pokémon cards are. You might be wondering “What does Pokémon has to do with the popular food franchise (McDonald)?”.

To answer your question, as part of a promotion for the Pokémon’s franchise anniversary, the Pokémon company decided to partner with a fast-food company to distribute its cards in happy meals until the 8th of march.

McDonalds Pokémon Cards
McDonalds Pokémon Cards

McDonalds Pokémon Cards

The McDonalds Pokémon cards are to come in a four-card promo pack which features the reprinted art of all the 25 starter Pokémon and Pikachu which has a 25th-anniversary stamp.

There is a total of fifty different Pokémon cards in this limited-edition set. This is because all the twenty-five Pokémon cards have a holo and non-holo variant.

Inactive period of the partnership, customers can decide to purchase the featured item separately from any of the McDonalds stores. Deciding to buy the featured item separately would depend on the individual Mcdonald’s store policy.

Simply put, the policies for buying the featured item may not be the same at every McDonald’s store. This situation has led to certain locations being completely bought out of cards which are now leading to scalpers reselling their limited edition of the Pokémon cards online.

List of McDonalds Limited-Edition Pokémon Cards

If you paid attention to the first and second part of this article, you would already know what the McDonald Pokémon cards are. Here is a list of all twenty-five cards.

  • Pikachu.
  • Charmander.
  • Bulbasaur.
  • Squirtle.
  • Rowlet.
  • Mudkip.
  • Popplio.
  • Sobble.
  • Totodile.
  • Tepig.
  • Cyndaquil.
  • Treecko.
  • Turtwig.
  • Piplup.
  • Snivy.
  • Grookey.
  • Chespin.
  • Chimchar.
  • Torchic.
  • Fennekin.
  • Chikorita.
  • Oshawott.
  • Scorbunny.
  • Litten.
  • Froakie.

Note that these cards come in the halo and non-halo variants.

How Much are McDonalds Pokémon Cards Worth

The question of how much these Pokémon cards are worth is one that’s currently trending. Initially, these cards are supposed to come with a McDonald’s happy meal but due to its limited edition, it has been bought out in a lot of stores.

People who currently have these cards have taken to online stores to resell theirs at a higher fee. If you wish to sell yours you could also list it on a marketplace like eBay. Follow this link to find out how much the cards are currently worth.


I hope this article helped you find out how much your limited-edition McDonald’s Pokémon cards are worth and how you can get them. Once again, I appreciate you for reading this article and hope to see you again.

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