Merge Dragon Cheat Codes – Merge Dragon Mod Apk & Cheats

Merge dragon is an amazing game that has been around for quite some time now and fairly has a share of fans. Merge dragon is a console game that is based around the idea of merging different objects to form unique ones.

The game can get you hooked for days with a bright colorful game and an optimized play. While this game is fun at first, there are some features that still need spicing up. For some, the game would get to a point where it becomes too difficult to master. This is where the merge dragon cheats come in.

Merge Dragon Cheat Codes
Merge Dragon Cheat Codes

Merge Dragon Cheat Codes

There are a total of seven merge dragon cheat codes that can get you almost anything you want in the game. These codes can be used over and over again for as long as you like. Without further talks on my path, here are the cheat codes.

  • OC_ML949Mjnd: This cheat code is used to get Dragon Gem Payout.
  • IN_jf2MMJIm5: You will get Bag of 400 dragon gems with the help of this code.
  • T3_98NmDjn: This cheat code is used to get a Bonus chest of 960 dragon gems.
  • NOC_Jfm2MiPaEW: You will get a bag of 250 dragon gems by using this code.
  • JN_93MMniPooli: This cheat code will give you a pile of 100 dragon gems.
  • FR_NaaFRR299: This code is used to get yourself a bonus pile of 160 dragon gems.
  • AK_8MqipQm: This cheat code will bring you a cauldron of 3200 dragon gems.

This is a list of all the current active merge dragon cheat codes.

Merge Dragon Cheats

Please note that there are no cheats for the merge dragon console game. There is a huge difference between cheat codes and cheats. While there are available cheat codes for the console game, there are no cheats for it.

Merge Dragon Mod Apk

The merge dragon mod apk is a free hack that allows you free features. This game mod wasn’t made by the developers. Rather, it is made by third parties and some may come with viruses and hack scripts. This is why I would be showing you exactly where to get the mod without viruses.

The merge dragon mod apk can only be used on android devices and would be totally unable to be used on iOS devices. Since iOS isn’t an open-source operating system, it is quite impossible for you to get a mod app on your iOS devices. Follow the steps below to download the merge dragon cheat mod apk.

  • Open the web browser on your device. Preferably the web browser you’re using to read this article.
  • Follow this link in a new tab.
  • You should be on website with the merge dragon mod download page opened.
  • On this page, click the green button that says “Download Merge Dragons! *” (* represents anything that comes after the text I quoted.
  • You would be redirected to a new page with a seven seconds countdown. Wait for the countdown to complete and a download button should appear.
  • Click the green “Download *” button on the screen.
  • Select a folder to save your file and it should begin downloading.
  • After downloading, find the file and click it to install it. Note that you must uninstall the merge dragon application you had before trying to install this one.

After installation, you can now launch the game and start playing. Note that the mod apk offers free shopping. This means you don’t have to pay real money for anything you buy from the store.

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