My Hero Mania Codes – How to Download and Redeem Free Codes

Looking for free “My Hero Mania Codes”? Well, say no more. I got you covered. I’m guessing you know what my hero mania is all about before searching for the promo codes.

If you never heard of the game before and stumbled upon this article, you are probably going to love it if you are a Roblox fan or an anime fan.

While Roblox and anime may seem like a really weird combination, you should know that anime games have developed a massive interest to gamers.

My Hero Mania Codes
My Hero Mania Codes

While this game can be fun and addictive, you are going to need some spins to make rolls. If you are unable to get these spins, the game can quickly become boring for you. This is the article that is going to help you.

My Hero Mania Codes

My hero mania codes are free items that the developer wishes to give out to all gamers/players. While the developer intends to give it to all players, they wanted to introduce a little challenge instead of just providing the items in-game.

Before proceeding further in this article about “My Hero Mania Codes”, You should know that these codes don’t last forever. Most of them only last a few weeks.

I urge you to quickly redeem these codes before they become inactive. Here are a list of all the active my hero mania codes right now.

  • 270kREAL – nine spins (new!).
  • 260ktime – eight free spins.
  • the250k – free spins.
  • 240kCODE – seven free spins.
  • 230kcode! – five free spins.

That’s a list of all the active codes.

Expired My Hero Mania Codes

If you are trying to redeem a code and you’re having issues, the code may have been expired. Here is a list of all expired my hero mania codes to help you check if your code is expired.

  • thank220k
  • 210kCODE!
  • likereward1
  • 110kcodeyay
  • plus120k!
  • big130k
  • goal200k
  • theultra190k
  • ultra140k
  • letsgo150k
  • 160ktux
  • zi170k
  • spinner180k
  • newupdate!
  • the100k
  • its90k!
  • 80kcode!
  • 70kalready
  • FirstCode!

That’s it.

Where to Get My Hero Mania Codes

Are you wondering where we always get our codes from? Well, I’ll show you how I usually find these codes. One of the simplest ways to find these codes is to follow the developers of the game on social media.

This makes sense since it’s the developers that wanted to give out the items for free. You can follow my hero mania developers on Twitter or Discord.

How to Download My Hero Mania

My hero mania is a game under Roblox. If you wish to download this game, follow the steps below;

  • Open the google play store or iOS app store on your device.
  • When the application store opens, find the search bar and make a search for “Roblox”.
  • If you are using the google play store or iOS app store, you should be directed to the application page.
  • Click “install” on the google play store or “Get” on the iOS app store to begin downloading the game.

After downloading Roblox would automatically be installed on your device. Next, sign up or sign in to your Roblox account. After signing in, you can find my hero mania and start playing.

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