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Office 365 OneDrive? Office 365 is embedded with a OneDrive storage service, that offers exclusive storage space at no extra charge. That is to say, with this service you can still not pay for another subscription for Dropbox or other related services.

Gaining full access to the OneDrive service is the most amazing and attractive part of office 365. In this article, I will be unfolding more about office 365 OneDrive and its subscription packages.

Office 365 OneDrive
Office 365 OneDrive

Office 365 OneDriveWhat is office 365?

Office 365 is currently known as Microsoft 365. Thus, one of the services embedded in Microsoft. It is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps like PowerPoint, word, outlook, and Excel. The MS 365 is designed to help you achieve more with brilliant clouds, world-class security, and intelligent cloud.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is a Microsoft storage service used in hosting files in iCloud. It provides the simplest way to share, sync, and store files, and is also available for free for Microsoft account owners.

Benefits Office 365 OneDrive

OneDrive has a very unique and outstanding service that helps to protect Microsoft users from losing their content.

  • It lets you access your files wherever you are
  • Back up your photos and videos. With this, you won’t lose your files when you lost your device. You can also view photos on your devices and online.
  • With Office 365 OneDrive you can share files or documents with friends or co-workers.
  • Ability to Scan, sign, and forward documents
  • It offers maximum protection to your files, to avoid losses.
  • You can save and regain your recent files on office apps from your other devices.
  • It lets you revise a shared copy and also prevents forwarding email attachments with current versions.

Those are some of the benefits of Office 365 OneDrive.

How to Share Documents using Office 365 OneDrive

To share files saved with OneDrive in office 365 follow the directions below.

  • Get your device and launch office 365
  • Click on OneDrive
  • Scroll through files to find the document you want to share.
  • Navigate to the sharing field and tap on the padlock symbol.
  • Click on the “invite people” button.
  • Type in the email or the name of the recipient. You can add a personal message to It if you want.
  • Then tap on the “share” tab.

That’s it.

Office 365 OneDrive Subscriptions

Office 365 comes with three subscription plans known as Microsoft 365 family, Microsoft 365 personal, and office Home & student 2021.

Microsoft 365 Family

The family subscription plan is the plan that accommodates up to 6 people. It comes with premium productivity apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and Access ( for PC ), about 6 TB of cloud storage. Thus, it offers advanced security for all your devices.

Microsoft 365 Personal

it is formerly Office 365 personal. It is a convenient subscription plan that has premium productivity just like the MS 365 family subscription. Thus it comes with 1 TB cloud storage, plus advanced security for your devices.

Office Home & Student 2021

Office Home & Student 2021 is a subscription for you to get your work done. It comes with classic versions of apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

How to Subscribe to Office 360

Follow the steps below to subscribe to an Office 360 plan.

  • To subscribe to any of the plans visit
  • Click on the “ see plans and pricing” button. On the new page, go to the plan you want to subscribe to and tap on the “buy now” tab.
  • To subscribe via the app, launch the app, click on the “me” button. Tap on the “storage” icon. Then select the subscription plan you want and proceed to make your purchase.

That’s it.

Subscription Plan for Business

Here is a list of Office 360 plans for business.

  • OneDrive for business plan 1. It is the perfect plan for a business that wants file sharing service.
  • OneDrive for business plan 2. It the perfect for a business that needs file sharing, OneDrive storage with advanced security.
  • Microsoft 365 business-standard. This is the highest of the plans. It is best for business-class email, office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc.

Those are the available plans as of the time of writing this article.

Office 365 OneDrive Download

MS OneDrive helps to backup your files and photos, synced, secured, and accessible on all devices. You can also share OneDrive files, photos, and documents with family and friends. With the mobile app, you can backup your phone’s videos and photos as well.

With the app, you can scan, sign and send documents plus scan and markup documents, whiteboards, receipts, and many more. The search tab, allows you to find documents by name or content.

How to Download Microsoft OneDrive on Smartphones

To get the Microsoft OneDrive to navigate to the google play store or apps store. Find the app, using the search engine. On the result screen, click the first app on the page and find the install or get button, then click on it to begin the installation. After installing the app, if you want to access it immediately, find the “open” button and click on it. Otherwise, close live the page.

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