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“Open Culture Movies” Are you so curious about getting movies to keep yourself occupied in this season? And maybe not just movies but with other stuff like learning a free language online, free textbooks, e-books, etc? Search no further Open Culture Site is here for you.

Their archive for movies will make you come for more. Let’s show you all you need to need about Open Culture Movies.

Open Culture Movies
Open Culture Movies

Open Culture Movies

Open Culture Movies site offers a large collection of movies, which can be downloaded for free. The open Culture movies were established in 2006. Over the years, it has over 1,150 free movies including a special collection of Oscar-winning movies and Charles Chaplin movies that can be watched online for free too.

The movies are compatible both on your computer and on your mobile devices. On the open Culture Movies site, you can download TV shows and movies. Also, you can stream or download them on your iOS even to your smartphone.

On this movie’s website, you can also watch or download movies from the latest to old movies in full-length HD for free.

Movies on this site are Incredible and exciting to watch. The open Culture has stored 1,150 movies online including classics, indies, film noir, documentaries, and other films, created by some of our greatest actors, actresses, and directors.

The movies collection is divided into the following categories: Comedy & Drama, film noir, Horror & Hitchcock, Western Martial Arts movies, silent films, documentaries, and animation.


Open Culture Movies are can be accessed by downloading or streaming online. Here are some of the key features of the site.

  • The site is very simple to use.
  • You can download or stream movies online.
  • While streaming movies online you have the option to share the movie with friends and family or on social media of your choice.
  • The movies are well summarized making the movie easy to understand.
  • The sites come with ads and commercials when you stream online.

Note that these are but are not limited to what open culture movies has to offer.


Open Culture Movies site shows movies with good quality, movies are arranged into categories. The categories make it easy for users to search for movies they are interested in watching or downloading from the site. The genres are as follows;

  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Classic
  • Drama,
  • Film noir
  • Horror
  • Free Hitchcock films
  • Western
  • Martial Arts & Kung Fu
  • Silent Film
  • Documentaries
  • Free Charles Chaplin
  • Free John Wayne Movies
  • Free Tarkovsky Films
  • Free Dziga Vertov
  • Free Oscar Winners

These are the genres you’ll find on this website.

Watching Movies on Open Culture Movies Website

You can watch movies online free on Open Culture movies. Movies are uploaded daily on this site, latest movies and old good movies are streamed on the site for free. You can also watch Full-length Hollywood movies, comedy, action, drama sci-fi, horror all on the open Culture Movies platform.

However, before you watch any movie on the site you will see the full details of that movie. The title of the movie, short story explanation of the movie, The year of release, the major cast, etc.

How to Download Movies

There are two methods to download movies from this site. You can download either using a downloaded manager like internet download manager or torrent.

Using Internet Download Manager

The Internet download manager or IDM is one of the best options for Windows PC users. It facilities extremely fast downloading and it supports different Web browsers even Google Chrome Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and others

Using BitTorrent

This is very vital for any site. First, download and install BitTorrent software and then download the magnet link or download the torrent file. Then open it using the BitTorrent client and click OK. The download begins and you will also pause and resume the download at your convenience.

Open Culture being founded in2009 is not only known for its free movies but for free cultural and educational media on the Web. Including online courses, language lessons, e-books, Textbooks, and audiobooks.

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