Podcasts for Kids – Good Educational History Podcasts by Kids

It is good to get the best podcasts for kids won’t you say? These podcasts for kids are literally funny, entertaining, and even a little educational.

They can help to encourage your kids on how to use their noggins while keeping them engaged with storytelling, humor, with adventure so that parents can attend to other things.

Podcasts for Kids
Podcasts for Kids

Podcasts for Kids

Podcasts are good for kids nowadays as of now when you turn on the screens there are fears as parents for your children not to get too used to seeing the many controversial forms of entertainment. These podcasts that were considered old fashion are suddenly becoming the other of the day in our modern society.

Be sure to be among those that welcome this podcast to your home as you will be surprised how they will enlighten your kids morally and still be educative to them.

What Are Good 10 Year Old Podcasts?

As time goes on a lot of parents are turning podcasts now into a fun and educational way to engage their kids without the screen. Below are the best podcasts for your ten-year-old kids and everybody at home;

  • But why; this is a podcast for kids with curious minds. Kids are known for asking questions that are seemingly simple but have complex answers, things like why are water white or what made the sky blue? This podcast tends to help solve those questions for them.
  • Smash Boom, Best; this is a fun and fast-moving spin-off of the popular Brains On. The podcast is a family-friendly debate podcast. A kid judge listens to and scores the rousing, fact-based arguments of two contestants. There are lots of great episodes to choose from and listen to.
  • The Two Princes; this is a charming and fantasy adventure that will surely have listeners of all ages glued to the speakers till the very end. Check it out yourself. There are many more, you can get them by clicking here.

Those are some good podcasts suitable for ten-year-olds.

What Are Some Kid-Friendly Podcasts

When on a road trip with your kids you are used to listening to music but there are times when music doesn’t just do it. This is the best time to tune in to your podcast that will be exciting at the same time educating your kids. Below are some kid-friendly podcasts you and your kids can listen to;

  • Wow in the world; this podcast is meant to answer those questions that your kids have or are bothering them about science, technology, and inventions.
  • Storynory; this podcast helps to bring professional voice actors to help perform fables and stories of both classic and modern styles.
  • The radio adventure of DR. Floyd; is another interesting piece that takes its listeners through the adventures of DR. Floyd’s life.
  • Stuff you missed in history class; this is a popular kid’s podcast that talks about the history and other interesting topics that you and your kids will love. You can also get more of these podcasts by clicking here.

What Are the Best Podcasts for 12-Year-Olds?

Below are some of the must-listen podcasts for your tweens and teens;

  • Dear Hank and John
  • Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
  • Pants on Fire
  • Radiolab
  • Science Friday
  • Six Minutes
  • Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me. You can get more details about these podcasts by simply clicking here.

Can a Kid Start a Podcast

Of course, you and can get your kids to create their own podcasts it’s as simple as that. The only thing required from you is to get them a computer and USB microphone. You will also need to add audio editing software and there are also free options for that, like audacity. You can get out about these kids’ podcasts by clicking here.

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