Save Time & Effort with these Surprising Mac Keyboard Tricks

Apple’s Macs are great devices that facilitate users to enhance their productivity and get more work done by providing them with top-tier features. Besides featuring a sturdy and appealing exterior, Macs feature an equally-well operating system that provides all the functionalities that a user could want.

Save Time & Effort with these Surprising Mac Keyboard Tricks
Save Time & Effort with these Surprising Mac Keyboard Tricks

One of the most helpful functionalities is macOS’ keyboard shortcuts. According to Apple, users can use numerous keyboard tricks to perform different activities. These shortcuts and tricks provide convenient and effective solutions for effectively taking specific actions and facilitate users to be more productive by saving time and effort. Let us take a look at some of the most surprising keyboard tricks that Macs feature: 

Shut Down Your Mac Instantly

Sometimes, you may not have time to shut down your Mac using the conventional method. Therefore, if you have to rush somewhere, you can instantly shut down your Mac by pressing these four keys together – “Control,” “Option,” “Command,” and “Eject.” Once you are done reviewing and saving your files, you can use this keyboard trick to turn off your Mac within seconds and tend to other important tasks. 

Navigate to the Top or Bottom of the Screen Quickly

Instead of using your Mac’s trackpad or mouse to scroll to the end or back to the beginning of a web page, document or folder, you can perform the action using the keyboard. By pressing the “Command” and “Up Arrow”/“Down Arrow” keys together, you can quickly reach the beginning or end of the page, respectively. This keyboard shortcut comes in very handy, especially if you are browsing through a lengthy web page or document and wish to read the introduction or conclusion quickly.

Add Special Characters

Special characters and symbols play a vital role in highlighting different quantitative and qualitative aspects in numerous cases. For instance, if you want to state the temperature of anything in degrees celsius, you need to use the special character “℃.” Even though macOS does not feature Alt codes to add special characters, there are numerous ways using which you can type special characters on your Mac. For instance, you can press the “Control,” “Command,” and “Space” keys together to see all the symbols and special characters on your Mac and insert the required one conveniently. Moreover, you can also create customized keyboard shortcuts for inserting special characters. 

Turn off the Current Application

The orthodox way of closing an application on macOS involves the user navigating to the top of the window and using the cursor to click on the close option. Even though the process is not very time-consuming, sometimes you may need to close the current application instantly.

Hence, macOS provides you with a keyboard shortcut that facilitates shutting down an application in a split second. By pressing the “Command” and “Q” keys together, you can instantly turn off the currently-open application on your Mac. It is a very handy keyboard trick that can help users get out of tricky situations without hassle. 

Capture the Required Section of your Mac’s Screen

Screenshots are powerful tools used for numerous purposes by millions of people. Taking a screenshot of a Mac’s entire screen is very easy, i.e., you simply need to press the “Command,” “Shift,” and “3” keys together. Besides this, macOS also offers a handy keyboard trick using which you can take a screenshot of a specific section of your screen.

To do so, press the “Command,” “Shift,” and “4” keys and drag & select the section which you wish to capture. Using this keyboard hack, you can avoid manually cropping the whole screen’s screenshot to acquire the required section’s image. 

Start Composing an Email Within the Blink of an Eye

If you press the “Command,” “Shift,” and “I” keys together, the compose section on your Mail for Mac application will instantly open, allowing you to start writing an email directly, and thereby saving time that would have been wasted in opening the application manually and navigating to the compose section.  If you use macOS’ native email application for sending and managing emails, this keyboard trick is perfect for you. 

Open Safari’s Address Bar Quickly

Most macOS users use the OS’ native browser Safari as their daily driver for accessing the Internet. One of the fastest ways to start searching for something or opening a website using Safari is to press the “Command” and “L” keys together. Users can instantly land on Safari’s address bar and start typing their query using the keyboard shortcut. By using this immensely helpful trick, you can save both times as well as effort.


Using keyboard shortcuts and tricks is a great way of becoming a power user of Mac. Furthermore, implementing helpful keyboard hacks also enhances the user’s Mac experience. Therefore, if you own a Mac, use the keyboard hacks mentioned above to be more resourceful and productive.

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