– Time for Print – How to Find Models for TFP Work

Have you heard of it means “time for print”. It refers to the arrangement between the photographer ad model where the photographer provides an agreed number of images for the model’s time.

It is an expression you will hear frequently in modeling, especially when you are starting out. Before you have the chance to make a name for yourself, you will be given time for print work in Lieu of actual payment.

If you are building your photography career, you should look into hiring models to work for TFP.

It will help both you and the model figure out your portfolios. This put on whether you are looking to do fashion photography, family portraits, or weddings. You are going to need a portfolio to show latent clients.

Why Do People Offer Time for Print to Models?

Time for print work is regularly on an exchange base. You are doing someone a favor, and in return, they are doing the same.

For example, a photographer starting out may like to build up their portfolio, so in its place of getting payment from you or a brand, they will just delight the chance to get some experience.

If you are both starting out your own careers, there’s no harm in it.

Why Should You Accept Time for Print Work?

As a new model, time for print shoots will assist you to get a better array of experiences. While UK Models can help you come up with a portfolio of your own, these shoots can give you a wider possibility of experience with a range of styles of photography and concepts.

Photographers may also have associates and may be able to give you experience in ways that offsets a fee. It’s a really great thing to get you started, and maybe well for your future.

How to Find Models for TFP Work

So, you have a bizarre idea for a photoshoot and a website all set up. This doesn’t mean that models will show up out of nowhere in your inbox.

You need to go to where the models are. If you live in a huge city, there are odds that making use of a local website will get you a reasonable number of replies. Model Mayhem is best for forming projects, whether paid or TFP.

Facebook also has lots of groups to join, generally for your precise city. Creatives of all types can connect for projects of all kinds. Craigslist also proposes loads of chances to connect also.

As with all online connections, you should use common sense when interacting with strangers. This means not giving out personal information. And meet in person at a civic location before pledging to begin an organized project.


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