The Witcher Books – Read for Free in Chronological Order

Some people have never read the witcher books despite the fact that they are huge fans of the witcher. The witcher was first a book and then Netflix decided to make a movie based on the storyline of the book with a few alterations.

Despite the alterations, the storyline is going to remain the same. So in a way, if you read the books, you would know how the series is going to end. In this article, I would be making a list of all the witcher books in order and where to get them.

The Witcher Books
The Witcher Books

The Witcher books

Reading the witcher books in order would help to eliminate any common misunderstanding or help remove the confusion of how it all started.

Most people that watched the witcher series said they didn’t quite understand the series until the end. The reason was simply that the storyline wasn’t straightforward. It was somewhat twisted.

After reading these books, you should understand the story of the witcher very well without any misconceptions and even predict what would happen in series two.

If you want to get yourself more Geralt of Rivea while waiting for series two on Netflix, then this is the right choice to make.

The Witcher Books in Order

The witcher books actually started as a set of short stories around the ’80s for a fantasy magazine. This tale about the witcher at that time became the third position in a competition the magazine held. This competition was to find new ideas and writers.

The stories were so popular at the time that they went ahead to span full-length novels. These novels were first published in polish in 1993. The book series is written by an author named Andrzej Sapkowski. When you’re just beginning to read the witcher books, you should read them in this order;

When you first come across the witcher books, you may think it’s best to read them in order of release but it’s actually wrong. Some of the more recent releases are set somewhere in-between the previous stories.

Where to Get the Wither Books

The witcher books can be bought online on Amazon or other popular selling platforms. Follow this link to buy or order the complete list of the witcher books. That link would take you to a set of books that contains all the released witcher books.

If you already have some of these books, you can buy the ones you don’t have individually in order to save money. Follow the links on each of the books listed to buy the particular book. If you don’t have enough cash, you can also download the witcher books in PDF from this link.

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