Will Fortnite Return To IOS? Probably Not Any Time Soon

“Will Fortnite Return To IOS?” Are you wondering if Fortnite Will return to iOS? Well, Probably Not Any Time Soon. When it comes to allowing alternative in-app purchase options Epic wins major recognition. But Apple wins out on other counts basically.

But where those this leave Fortnite? Fortnite has been out of the iOS app store ever since it violated the rules placed by Apple. Epic offered its own payment options in August 2020.

Will Fortnite Return To IOS
Will Fortnite Return To IOS

Will Fortnite Return To IOS? Probably Not Any Time Soon

From the above page, it sounds like the game is not coming back right away. Neither Apple nor Epic has indicated that the game will return any time soon. Because the judge did not state that Apple will be required to restore the game.

Epic indicated that it is not satisfied with the ruling so it won’t restore Fortnite for now. A tweet from Epic CEO wrote the Fortnite will only return when Epic will be able to offer the in-app payment in fair competition with Apple in-app payment.

Epic also brought out its plans to appeal the ruling which will raise the question of whether the new rules will even go into effect. 

Why did Apple Remove Fortnite from the App Store?

Apple takes a 30% cut when you make an in-app purchase from the iOS app. Which is justified by the service Apple provides the contracts prohibit trying to avoid the rules.

Epic challenged the rule; the software update in Fortnite encourages all iOS players to buy the game’s digital currency.  The currency is known as V-Bucks direct from Epic as opposed to Apple’s in-app purchase system.

In other to make the deal sweet Epic offered a discount to all those that bought V-Bucks directly. Many consumers saw it as a devotion bonus but Apple saw it as an unpleasant infringement of its contract with Epic. 

Fortnite Might Be Returning To IOS Soon

Fortnite might be returning to iOS soon, there is a way in which Fortnite can make its way back. And that way is returning without breaking Apple’s terms of service. And it can only be made by GE Force Now, but it is just an assumption at this point.

There is no affirmation yet if the information is true, but it seems to have gotten Fortnite fans very eager. Epic games won the legal battle against Apple which forced the latter to agree to bend its strict policies regarding methods of payments.

So Fortnite might be able to revisit the App store very soon but no date has been established. 

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