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In the present world today, Zoom Web Conferencing has become one of the best ways to communicate and keep in touch.

Whether you just need to keep in touch personally or for business purposes, Zoom has become the Number 1 solution for so many people out there.

It gives you the chance to interact with friends, keep in touch with co-workers, and so much more. Just when physical meetings are not possible, video calls are the right solution.

Zoom Web Conferencing
Zoom Web Conferencing

The Zoom Web Conferencing service is the right tool for small, medium, and large brands that wish to keep in touch with each other and continue their work activities without distraction.

With this, if you are just set to reach out to those who are far away from you, stay right on this article to know how to use Zoom.

Zoom Web Conferencing – What is Zoom?

This is a cloud-based video conferencing service, which you can use to meet with others online. You could do this by audio or video and even both.

A large population currently makes use of this video conferencing service, which allows you to meet online with lots of other people.

There are so many companies currently on the use of the Zoom Web Conferencing service.

When you get to know about Zoom, you’ll hear the following words: Zoom Meeting and Zoom Room.

A Zoom Meeting refers to a video conferencing meeting hosted using the service. You can actually join these meetings using your smartphone or a webcam.

Note that Zoom Rooms require an additional subscription added to the Zoom Subscription and are the ideal solution for a larger company.

Features of Zoom

You can use this video conferencing service both as a mobile app and web version. Let’s check the core features of this service.

  • Group video conferences and calls
  • One-on-one meetings from anywhere and at anytime
  • Screen sharing feature
  • Unlimited chat messaging
  • Works over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G networks

There are so many other amazing features that you get to enjoy. How to use this service on the web? Let’s find out.

How to Use Zoom

To make use of Zoom using its web version, you have to visit https://zoom.us/.

Joining a Meeting

  • Visit https://zoom.us/.
  • Tap on the “Join a Meeting”, which is at the top right side of the homepage.
  • You have to enter the Meeting ID.
  • You are in!

Start a Meeting

  • Visit https://zoom.us/.
  • Hover over the “Host a Meeting” tab on the top right side of the homepage.
  • Select whether you want to keep the video chat on or off.
  • Sign in using your login information or sign up for a new account.
  • Launch the Zoom app and open it.
  • Send out the meeting details, which include the Meeting ID or/and link.
  • You hosted a meeting!

That’s how it works.

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